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Creating a better way to hire tech talent

At Builders, we believe in breaking boundaries, fostering connections, and redefining the ways of work. Our story is one of discovery, driven by the pursuit of excellence and the vision of a globally connected tech community.

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"Builders helped us scale efficiently with quality near shore talent. They are fast and effective recruiters as well as partners to help you manage talent in remote locations. I recommend Builders to any tech team looking to scale responsibly."
Jon Carter, CEO - Founder
"I have been using Builders now of my main development staff for a couple years. The quality of developers I'm getting is equal to or better than my stateside resources. The price structure alone makes the decision for me so easy."
Jeff Hermon, COO
"Working with Builders has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise and dedication seamlessly blended with our team, significantly contributing to our development and growth. The support was so successful that after two years, we've brought on a Builders team member as a full-time Handraise employee. This move is a testament to the strong, productive partnership we’ve built with Builders, and we're excited about our continued collaboration."
Matt Allison - CEO & Founder
"Builders is taking on more of a leadership role across the team and has shown an impressive capacity to wrangle this convoluted codebase and quickly solve issues that come up."
Vinny DiBartolo, Project Lead
Builders has become an integral part of our team, and we plan on growing with them long into the foreseeable future.
Justin Mares, Founder

Greatness knows no borders, only possibilities

Creating exceptional products and technology should not be impeded by borders. We break down barriers so the greatness of Latin American talent and North American business ideas can unite. We have the means to make remote work...work. Plus, the harmonious relationships we've seen develop between Latin and North American cultures in the realm of building technology continue to fuel our passion for connecting these two worlds.


Empower Growth, Bridge Worlds

Connecting Latin American talent and North American companies empowers both to grow together. Our mission is to accelerate business and technology development by harnessing the untapped potential of Latin American developers, designers, and more. These excellent engineers are hungry for opportunities and companies are craving access to workers who are in it for the long game. Builders provides the cost-effective and efficient bridge between those two desires.


Connecting Talent, Driving Success

Specializing in nearshore opportunities, we offer a gateway to a pool of top-tier tech talent across Latin America, conveniently in North American time zones. Our services are designed to meet the evolving needs of innovative companies seeking cost-effective and efficient solutions. We ensure projects succeed by finding the right talent to seamlessly integrate into your team and provide consistent, high-quality results without the burden of managing payroll and benefits.

Our Story

We don't just meet demand, we build community.

While in Nicaragua exploring the tech ecosystem of Latin America, founder Adam Lyons met talented engineers and hired them for his new projects. The powerful experience of working with incredible, hard-working, and enthusiastic talent who didn't have consistent opportunities available to them sealed the idea for Builders. It wasn't just the convenience of remote talent working in the same time zone. They understood their assignments. With quality skills, excellent English, and an uncanny understanding of building and designing products, Builders grew exponentially because the talent was so strong and the benefits for companies in the US and Canada were undeniable.

Who is building Builders?

Adam Lyons

An entrepreneurial spirit since youth, Adam Lyons spearheaded The Zebra from a friend's basement, transforming it into the nation's most visited insurance search engine. With various 30 Under 30 honors and awards and a series of businesses under his belt, Adam's journey from high school dropout to acclaimed entrepreneur drives him to help other aspiring business builders find their way.

Sebastian Dominguez

Seba Dominguez is an HR Tech leader based in Brazil with connections throughout Latin America. With expertise in strategy, growth, and innovation, he led LATAM sales at Talent.com, driving revenue and earning FT recognition. His advisory roles and experience at Indeed have solidified his commitment to the digital transformation of HR and distributed team building, reshaping the future of work.

Shawn Bose

Shawn Bose has been building companies, like uShip and OnFaith, since the early 2000s. He recently led the world's largest job site division Indeed Prime to a 700% growth in under 3 years. With a deep understanding of the global talent and job landscape, Shawn brings invaluable expertise to Builders.

Joey Rahimi
Technology Lead

Joey Rahimi, of Afghan and Colombian descent, has a close connection to his heritage in Latin America and a desire to give back to his community. The mastermind behind products like BrandingBrand.com and Niche.com, Joey brings the experience of leading engineering teams of 100+ and crafting products that influence millions every month.

Janine Mares
Web3 Strategist

Formerly at Deloitte, Janine Mares scaled access to on-demand talent solutions for Fortune 500 clients with her remote engineering team. Empowering thousands of freelancers to shape their careers, Janine now spearheads Builders' foray into Web3, sculpting the future of the digital landscape.

Why Choose Builders?

It's time to embrace the future of work

Builders offers a simple and effective way to navigate change in the new work model of today. It's time to take advantage of top-tier talent, cost-effective solutions, and a commitment to excellence. Partner with us to embrace a new era of work, where possibilities are limitless, and greatness knows no borders.


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